iCafilas Capsules

Lost in the rich taste of Arabica, or addicted in Robusta's rich aroma, like there are no two exactly same leaves in the world, each cup of coffee also has its own unique traits. Different altitude, sunshine and temperature in where coffee beans growing, and the latter processing methods of different technologies form a unique DNA.

iCafilas Unlock more flavors

According to your preferenence of coffee acidityand strength , you can unlock the special flavor ofeach selected coffee bean for your own taste.Atthe moment you come across an unprecedentedexperience of tasting , it is a present for your life ,itis also the inspiration time we call " AHA ".

iCafilas Affordable and save money

Do you like coffee ? do you want to drink cup of delicious coffee which can save up to 85% on your coffee spendings ? then come here , using I Cafilas coffee capsule as much as you want with the coffee you want so you.

iCafilas Environmental protection

Choosing to use i cafilas reusable capsules can not only benefit the ecologicalenvironment ,but also leave a cleaner and brighter future for next generations.

"Coffee brewing should be something you can see and you can smell, and you can kinda be part of."


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