About Us

Why iCafilas

Our philosophy is to bring amazing coffee experience to our customers, thus we value innovations and keep working on it. iCafilas coffee capsules has many products patented designs As a brand based on our own manufacture, products quality is a commitment.

iCafilas intends to use innovative technology to trace the process of each cup of coffee from the seed to finished product and revivify its unique flavor and characteristics. Every cup of coffee is a journey of discovery, surprise, excitement, wonderful and dreamy, together with iCafilas to start a coffee discovery journey.

By continuously invest on technologies and innovations, our mission is to help coffee lovers make an amazing cup of coffee like a Barista.
iCafilas believes a new era starts from the slight changes in life. Insisting on the amazing coffee experience philosophy, we aim to bring high quality coffee time to customers through products’ uniqueness.