5 things of single served coffee pods

5 things of single served coffee pods

As one of the most ancient beverage in the world, with its rich flavors and benefits for health, coffee is getting common in our daily life. Along with the evolution of lifestyle, getting a cup of coffee is easy and convenient, you just need to press the button. Meanwhile, we are forgetting or missing the original flavors of coffee.

In a fast way, the coffee you get either is bitter or much bitter, mixed with artificial ingredients, all you can tell is if its lightly roasted or over roasted. If we dig deeper of single served coffee pods, we will find the reasons, with some solutions, maybe we can get a more delicious cup of coffee.


Freshness is the key point for coffee flavors. Defined by National Coffee Association, there are two aspects in flavor, smell and taste. For prefilled coffee pods, the coffee beans are grounded much earlier before they are packed. Once the coffee beans are grounded, it increases the areas that exposed to oxygen. By this way, it accelerates the oxidation of coffee beans. The process is the same like iron rust.


Once the coffee beans are roasted, they start to release carbon monoxide( CO2). Grounded coffee beans release more, it lasts for 1-2 weeks before they release all the carbon monoxide and get packed. Because if the grounded coffee bean is still releasing CO2 when its in a sealed little pod, it may blow up like a balloon. So coffee companies have to wait for long time before coffee grounds getting into packaging process.


Some single serve coffee is not just coffee, there are other ingredients, for example minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, lipids etc. Because during the waiting time, coffee becomes more and more stale, which affects its flavor. To mix up with other ingredients, it will cover the monotonous taste and become more “standard”


In coffee industry, people are proud of where the coffee beans are from and when they are roasted and grounded, I mean the freshness. However, probably you cant get details of the coffee grounds from the label, where the coffee beans from, and when its processed etc. Pre sealed pods could be waiting for months or even years before getting to you.


Brewing is a process requires time and hot water. Yes, if the water is too hot, it may over extract the coffee . In fact, the water running in the single serve coffee pods system is not hot enough. Normally the capsule coffee makers only brews 20-30 seconds while the appropriate brewing time is 5 minutes.


Environment issue is what we’ve been discussing all the time, the impact of single serve coffee pods on environment. Single serve coffee pods companies are working on it too. But its hard to neglect, it does create numerous wastes and pollution to our planet. Less you use, more you contribute to our environment.

Above are the facts about single serve coffee pods, any solutions?

French Press or Drip coffee

The initial is always the original and the best in some ways. If you have time,French press or drip coffee will be smart options. Complete the process from grinding the coffee beans to cup, either you call it ritual or just slow down to spend time with yourself and coffee, it always can find you the peace of mind.

Reusable coffee pods

If you have a very busy day ahead waiting for you, obviously French press or drip coffee are not best for you. Reusable coffee pods can reserve the original flavor of coffee beans even it shortens the brewing time. Walk away from single serve coffee pods for 1. budget effective 2. Environment 3. Health Not enough? For the taste

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