How to brew french press?

How to brew french press?

Either you are an espressor addicted, or black coffee lover, french press is always the most convenient and budget effective way to enjoy a cup of coffee at home. how to brew french press? It seems easy, but there are still steps and amount requests for the best of the taste. Now lets break down it into following parts:

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French Press history Preparation Blooming Brewing

French press, is a device that using the press action and filter to extract and brew coffee, The idea was from Italy, inspired by the tomato juice separator. It is where the first French press patent made. Over years, the changes were on the design and module of the French press until the first French press pot that was probably made in France.

The preparation always includes 3 parts

Pot: its important to warm up your french press pot first, the reason is by doing this, you will get a warm final cup, which is good for the taste.

Water: Boil the water but not to use immediately. Wait for 2 minutes, because if the water is too hot, it will burn the coffee grounds, which is the same meaning with over extract. Or you can put a shot of cold water to reduce the temperature.

Coffee grounds: For the coffee grounds used for French Press, it doesn’t have to be fine or extra fine, the best coffee ground size for french press is coarse. Grind the coffee bean just right before brewing, the freshness will release the best flavor of coffee beans.


Now its the time to brew. Put the coffee grounds into the pot, pour some water in, stir it with a wooden chopstick.Remember the ratio between coffee grounds and water is 1:15. Make sure the coffee grounds are immersed evenly and thoroughly. You will see bubbles arise in the water, it is because this blooming process lets the carbon dioxide inside of the coffee grounds out. So when the second time to put the water, the flavors of coffee beans will be extracted into the water.


Add more water in, then cover the lid for 4 minutes or more to let the coffee brew. Use your phone as a timer to tract the time. Final step, push in the plunge slowly and evenly, to avoid coffee grounds stay in coffee.

Now its time to enjoy your coffee. After the rest will be the cleaning work, rinsing your French press pot for next time use.

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